The Powerful Referral – and what to do next….

Below is an extract from PR guru Fiona Scott. These words come from her June 2015 company newsletter Fiona Scott Media Consultancy and a reminder about the value of a good referrer and keeping that relationship building.

We often hear in business the phrase ‘it’s powerful to get referrals’. When you start out in business you hear it a lot, and you know it must be true, but seeing a referral in action is something else altogether.

For this reason I want to celebrate someone who has referred me on various occasions to her clients – Debbie Pepler of PepTalk UK.

I first met Debbie face to face at a women’s business lunch a few years ago when she came up to me, said she recognised me and we ought to talk. However, you know how it is, it was busy, she had arranged to meet a few other people and that ‘talk’ just didn’t happen on the day.

Then, out of the blue, she referred me to one of her clients, then another, then another, then another. I now work with a number of regular clients as a direct result of being referred by Debbie.

So what has this achieved? Clearly business growth for me. That is the obvious first result. However, it has also achieved other things too. For example whenever I see Debbie’s posts or stories on social media, I naturally like and share them. It just happens.

I’m conscious if Debbie refers me to any of her clients I want to first thank her, discuss the referral with her and let her know I value the referral – regardless of whether or not that referral leads to business of any kind.

I’m also conscious of the fact it’s good manners to let Debbie know that I’ve followed up on a referral and to let her know what happened. Regardless of outcome of that contact.

I trust in my bones, I will in turn refer Debbie to anyone when an occasion arises because she’s front and centre for me when it comes to high quality business coaching.

Believe me, I know lots of business coaches, I trust and value a handful. Debbie is one.

Thank you Debbie for trusting me with your precious clients and if any of you want to grow your business – try here first.

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