Where to turn if the bank said no and your business is a start up.

Where to turn if the bank said no and your business is a start up.

We all have dreams and aspirations. Sometime these can become goals we want to achieve in life.

It is frustrating when you’re ready to develop your business idea; you need some help from the bank and they say no. They said NO!! Oh what to do?

Meet Fredericks Foundation!  Here in Wiltshire; one of Fredericks 18 areas around the UK, they provide finace via a CDFI (Community Development Finance Institution); and are suppported by a Client Services Manager that will help you with the process.

Dreams are allowed at peptal-uk.com

Wiltshire Charity provides finance and support to local business http://www.fredericksfoundation.org/wiltshire

Fredericks Foundation will consider you for a loan if you can demonstrate that you have made a genuine application for funds to your bank or a mainstream lender – and that you have been turned down.

Fredericks loans come as a package – along with the money there is also the opportunity to have an independent free business mentor to help the business be successful. Peptalk is proud to be one of the many volunteers helping Fredericks clients dreams become reality.

Contact me today if you would like more information – info@peptalk-uk.com

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