Feedback from Leadership and Management Seminar – November 2015

In November 2015, I ran a leadership and management course for 10 local business owners. The business owners are all members of the Business Growth Group, each with different experience. This allowed for lots of great discussion and sharing of thoughts and ideas. Here are some of the comments from the attendees about what they enjoyed and how they benefited from the session.

“Thought provoking 3 hours.”

“Relative to my business.”

“Open talk from students.”

“The thought provoking process about your business.”

“The specificity and use of examples from the room.”

“A lot of very useful and helpful reminders. Some very practical tips.”

“A very useful reminder of leadership skills.”

“The basic information was presented in an easy to understand way. Just reminded me on the basics.”

“I liked the open discussion where I could say something about my business.”

“First course of this type that I have done and I got more out of it than I thought I would.”

“Would recommend the course for any person starting out in a management position.”

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