Business coaching

Many business owners find they are too busy working in their business to spend time working on their business. What happens then is the business starts heading in an unplanned direction, or loses its forward momentum altogether.

Often there is simply something missing that is preventing them from moving forward in the right direction to achieve their goals. Your business may need:

  • Ideas or a strategy for finding some new clients or opportunities;
  • Help with employee role definition, recruitment and retention;
  • A way to identify and overcome bad habits;
  • Accountability to someone outside the business to help you achieve targets;
  • People management skills to become a more effective leader to your team;
  • Personal development for key personnel within the team or helping the team as a whole to work together in more harmony.

With Peptalk mentoring and coaching you receive a free initial consultation to get to know each other and determine if we can work together to achieve your objectives.

Coaching comes with a goal orientated plan outlining a path for achievement and regular scheduled one-to-ones for discussing progress and challenges.

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