Business health check

A business health check is the start of an ongoing process of achieving business success and aims to avoid failure by giving you an opportunity to take action before it is too late.

A tool for highlighting positive aspects within your business, a health check also makes recommendations for improvements and opportunities for your business.

We hear all the time about health checks – so what are they?

We get them:

  • on our cars – they include tyre, battery, exhaust and shocks checks;
  • for ourselves – to verify a normal state of health or discover a disease in its early stages;
  • at our work place – otherwise known as wellness for your employees and provides a snapshot of their health.

I offer a complimentary business health check to my first time clients.  I ask key questions surrounding their future, finances, products and services, marketing and their capability to achieve their goals.

Do you wonder about how healthy your business is?

Contact Peptalk to arrange a complimentary business health check