Business process analysis

When a business experiences some development or growth, often its existing processes are no longer efficient.   With the extra strain on systems and staff using the same methods as before, you may find that mistakes are being made, quality is compromised or orders are being missed.

Peptalk business process analysis is an opportunity to understand and define the activities your business undertakes to support its operation.

The aim is to highlight what change needs to be made and to identify the areas of the business these will impact.

Peptalk Business Process Analysis is designed to help when a business is:

  • Planning to implement a new or existing IT system
  • Introducing social media or online services to promote your product or services;
  • Looking to make better use of the tools within your business;
  • Required to update its processes to comply with regulatory standards.

How Peptalk business process analysis works

Peptalk identifies and prioritises the areas of business that require improvement. A schedule of proposed process design elements is provided with key performance indicators built in to measure how well the process is working. The service ranges from one-to-one meetings through to workshops for specialist staff members or key employees involved in a number of business activities, as required.

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