Feedback from Leadership and Management Seminar – November 2015

In November 2015, I ran a leadership and management course for 10 local business owners. The business owners are all members of the Business Growth Group, each with different experience. This allowed for lots of great discussion and sharing of thoughts and ideas. Here are some of the comments from the attendees about what they enjoyed and how they benefited from the session.

“Thought provoking 3 hours.”

“Relative to my business.”

“Open talk from students.”

“The thought provoking process about your business.”

“The specificity and use of examples from the room.”

“A lot of very useful and helpful reminders. Some very practical tips.”

“A very useful reminder of leadership skills.”

“The basic information was presented in an easy to understand way. Just reminded me on the basics.”

“I liked the open discussion where I could say something about my business.”

“First course of this type that I have done and I got more out of it than I thought I would.”

“Would recommend the course for any person starting out in a management position.”

Business Mentoring – Client Feedback

Feedback from a Freelance Writer and Editorial Consultant.

“Debbie’s business insight is invaluable. She got to the heart of the matter within minutes and has completely revolutionised the way I look at my business.”



Feedback from Leadership, Management and Managing Stress Seminar – October 2015

For the second time, Debbie Pepler teamed up with Matt Hill from Systema in October 2015 to offer a full day seminar designed to improve leadership and management skills.  When attendees were asked what they liked most about the workshop we received this feedback:

“ The friendly approach”

“I’ve taken a lot from this day and will use more in my work than I thought I would. Very good.”

“Very relaxed discussions, not too much being talked at.”

“Being able to discuss and breakdown each element.”

“Really glad I took the time to attend the seminar.”

Feedback from Leadership, Management and Managing Stress Seminar – July 2015

Combining their expertise, Debbie teamed up with Matt Hill from Systema to deliver a seminar to a group of a dozen business owners and senior managers with a key emphasis to enhance leadership and management skills and techniques.

When attendees were asked what they liked most about the workshop we received this feedback:

“The interaction with regards to the breathing exercises and how informative the powerpoint presentations were.”
“Very friendly mix of people with a wealth of knowledge which was very interesting to hear.”

“It was a very valuable seminar and I came away with a lot more knowledge.”

“Good mix of people, interesting exploring leadership & management – would like more time to explore!”

“I think the session could have been longer, it was good listening to other people’s experiences.”

“Personalities, positivity & passion”

“Fantastic delivery and the importance of the combination of the breath – stress in work.”

“The mix of input – gathering practical understanding of business – engaging in activity – learning!”

“Nice size/number of people”

“A wonderful combination – great to have physical mixed in with sitting and absorbing new info! Great!”

“Good mix of internal/external aspects, worked well together.”

“Systema breathing and how to relax”

“Breathing techniques, Diary management – time for reflection”

“Clear and precise presentation, group interactivity. Discussions with other managers from different companies.”

“Good refresher on lots of management information – tips for stress management much appreciated.”

If you are looking for someone who will care about your business …

I was recommended Debbie by my sister who is in PR and through her networking had come across and been impressed with Debbie, something which is easily achieved as Debbie is efficient, affable very genuine but driven, quite a combination!

I wasn’t disappointed – from the moment I engaged Debbie, she has helped to give my business the backup it needed in all sorts of ways. By helping to give direction, support and know how in areas which have been much needed. In times of crisis she has also proved to be a great listening ear and I have come to totally trust Debbie in all areas of discretion.  She is always extremely professional and fair, often working late and giving you that extra mile and if you are looking for someone who will care about your business as much as you do yourself, Debbie is that person.

Joanna May –

Business Coaching – Client Feedback

From a Business Owner of a Domestic Services company

Debbie Pepler is very personable and easy to talk to. She is a great resource and sounding board, helping me come up with business development ideas which had occurred to me before, but I didn’t really know where to go with them. She helped me to refine and improve many of the things I had already been doing. In a nutshell she has provided clarity.

The time I have spent with Debbie has seen my business not only survive the recent recession but also thrive, expanding three fold over a matter of months.  Debbie’s coaching was definitely valuable to me and I am confident that my business development skills have improved (and will continue to improve) as a result of my time with her…

From a Director of a Joinery Restorer and Manufacturer 

… We have found that using expertise from outside the company has had many benefits. It has brought new insight and a ‘critical friend’ to the processes, as well as technical expertise…She is direct but never confrontational in her manner and this makes it possible to quickly build a trusting relationship, and makes her a pleasure to work with.

From Directors of a Web Technology company

We have one meeting per month with Debbie, in which we typically talk through the previous month’s business challenges, referencing the goals that have been set for us.  We find that these goals are extremely helpful in keeping us focused on tasks that we need to do that might otherwise be forgotten. Debbie is always extremely professional; she acts as a critical friend, enabling us to have a different perspective on our business. Whilst she challenges us to perform to the best of our ability, she is also realistic about what we can accomplish in our busy working lives.  She keeps in touch between meetings and sends us information about networking events, as well as giving us useful introductions to other businesses.  We place our trust in Debbie; she offers complete confidentiality.  This is vital for us, as we can always be completely honest and open in our discussions and know that she will be the same.  We feel that she really does go the extra mile for our company and would unreservedly recommend her as a business coach.

Management and Leadership – Course Feedback

Becoming a better leader and managing your team effectively – December 2013

In December 2013, participants offered the following comments after attending one of Debbie’s Leadership and Management courses ‘Becoming a better leader and managing your team effectively’:

  • Great presenter who inspires confidence and the ability to grow/develop management wise.
  • Very valuable.
  • Thank you Debbie – immediately engaged in a very positive workshop.
  • We need to move forward … perhaps you can help?

When the same participants were asked ‘What did you like most about this workshop?’, they responded:

  • You can express yourself
  • Interactivity / flexibility
  • The attitude and approach of the presenter. Gave the impression of a relaxed couple of hours, thought more intensive than appeared!
  • Very clear direction with the right level of interaction. The fact that we did it and you helped us at the right level.
  • Practical based.

Business Mentor – Client Feedback

Jane Butler,
Personal Coach and Business Facilitator
Out of the Rut

I first met Debbie Pepler of Peptalk through a BNI meeting – Debbie is a fabulous networker, and I met with Debbie to see how we may compliment our services, and where we may possibly overlap. This was nearly 3 years ago! I enrolled in a Business Growth & Development Course in May 2011 and part of it included a series of coaching sessions with a business mentor who turned out to be Debbie Pepler – I was stoked and have continued to work with Debbie on a monthly basis ever since.

Debbie cuts to the chase; she is excellent at keeping me tracking and organised and I find having Debbie to be accountable to ensures that I do as I say I will do!

Debbie is great at preparing agendas for our discussion so we keep to the point and to time; she also summarises our sessions so I can easily check on my commitments and my progress. Debbie is very familiar with social media and networking so she challenges me to expand my strong networking skills into the social media environment which I have to admit I have resisted until recently as I succumb to engaging with Linked In, albeit at an introductory level!

Debbie’s experience in both the UK and New Zealand has stepped me into engaging with coaching clients overseas, which I may well not have done without her assistance and encouragement. Having someone who is bridging both cultures and doing the same herself has made it very ‘do-able’ for me. I appreciate Debbie’s cross-cultural expertise and her experience in a number of different business sectors across a range of industries – this makes for a broad understanding of business issues and dilemmas, as well as solutions to those situations. I am very happy to recommend Debbie for keeping you on track and on purpose with a delightful humour and tenacity that will challenge even the most resilient!

Marketing – Course Feedback

‘Marketing for small to medium sized business – to support development of marketing activities in your business!’ – November 2013

Overall feedback for the course included:

  • Debbie knows her stuff and delivers a thought provoking and informative training session. Thank you.
  • Really glad I attended.  I left with a feeling that what I am currently doing is on the right track and some fresh ideas of how to improve.

When the same participants were asked ‘What did you like most about this workshop?’, they responded:

  • Good interaction of ideas and discussions between participants which added to the content.
  • Interaction with others to see how they deal with issues.
  • Listening & learning from both Trainer & Course Students experiences & ideas.