Productivity audit

Productivity = time plus profitability

Let us set the scene – you (the business owner) buys the books, attends the courses and have the greatest of intentions to implement what you have just read and learned, but quickly fall back into familiar patterns.  Perhaps it’s time to change the way you think about your business – how do you work smarter rather than harder?

Introducing a Productivity Audit – where the business owner benefits from an action plan plus someone to be accountable to; better still, someone to give a guiding hand and the ability to implement the change to your business.

A Productivity Audit is more in-depth than a Business Health Check and is ideal for business owners that are feeling the pain and overwhelmed by running their business.  Perhaps you are afraid of uncovering something you don’t want to face.

This audit looks at:

  • Business administration;
  • Policy and procedures;
  • Regulations;
  • HR systems and employee issues;
  • Finance systems.

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